You were fat in August


So I decided to jump on the scale today after one or five Christmas cookies too many and lets say the results were not pretty.  In addition to being fat, I’m also a Type 2 diabetic, who loves pretty much anything sweet.  When you add anything salty to that combination, I literally become that fat kid in a candy store.

Pretty sure I am the 4,567,945 person to blog, write, status update, Tweet that this is the year I’ll loose the fat, exercise more, eat more greens or join a gym.  While that for me is complete lie, I promise to never make a public appearance wearing Yoga pants.  However; this year I will strive to find a healthier me, whatever that means.

To start this healthier me, I read an article the other day titled “If you’re going to do one thing for a healthier 2017, choose one of these”.  and found it quite interesting.  While there were many great tips to follow, I found that the first one was the the most logical choice for me.  Focus on your behaviours, not the numbers on the scale.  

Now as we move into 2017,  I yanked out the batteries in the demon scale to get started on this goal.  To continue on after posting this, I need to get off the keyboard and enjoy the rest of the night by the fire with a book, the dog and some good company.


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