It’s the little things.

fullsizeoutput_249For those of you that don’t know me and are just tuning in, my Dad passed away almost two years after a very short battle with cancer.   Today; where we are staying in Moosonee, the washer decided to stop draining.  Normally this would be an ‘oh shit’ moment for most.

Today; sitting on the floor, his tools in my hand, his sense of getting it done, I could hear him behind me saying “not like that, use your brain dumbass…” all while cursing under my breath “why am I doing this and you standing there?”   I realized something, sitting in floor soaked in water, putting the washing machine back together, it was the little things that I will never forget and the little things that bring back memories.

Over the years I rolled my eyes more than once, cursed under my breath more than a million times and complained to my wife that my Dad needed a hand, even sometimes made the odd excuse to get out of it.  Things like how to change a ballast on a fluorescent light, the time I had to troubleshoot my fridge and order a damper door between the freezer and fridge and replacing the calipers and rotors on our 1999 Ford Explorer the first vehicle he helped us purchase.

It’s been almost two years and not often a week goes by without an “Okay JACK!” or even a “Jesus Christ!!!”  If you’re reading this, remember to take the time to soak in the little things.  Because; eventually, they might be all you have.



4 thoughts on “It’s the little things.

  1. Pauline January 23, 2017 / 2:15 am

    How nice and how true. Thinking of you Jack!

  2. Joe grenier January 23, 2017 / 2:34 pm

    I really miss jack ……he was a very wise man …allways remember. ..there’s no such thing as can’t just how are we gonna do it…end quote.

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