~$ whoami

So you have made it this far, I might as well fill you in on a little about me and what I hope to get out of this blog.

I have been part of the Healthcare Information Technology industry, starting my career in Moosonee at James Bay General Hospital.  I left to work south in Timmins as a Field Service Representative and then progressing to a service manager.

With the kids done high school and one done college, it was time to leave the stress, sleepless nights, meetings, conference calls and hotel rewards behind.  Time to pick up the camera lens, dust off the cook books and turn on the laptop to create, not fix.

The Hungry Canuck was born around 2011 as a thought to combine a passion for food and photography.  The Facebook page was there, the WordPress blog registered but I didn’t make the time or able to find the drive to blog, write, photograph or create.

I hope you find this blog to be as entertaining to read as I hope it is to write.

Randy Wm. Bustraen

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